About Us

Spark Health Africa is a South African registered not-for-profit organisation with a unique approach to health system strengthening through transformative leadership development and a mindset shift. We seek to build resilient health systems by changing the work culture of professionals in African Ministries of Health through interactive workshops and thought-partnership during on-the-job mentoring. 


To IGNITE the power of African public-sector health teams to INNOVATE and improve service delivery, inspiring a culture of ownership and accountability in order to positively IMPACT health systems for healthy and productive individuals, families and communities.

Why do we exist?

There are multiple challenges that compromise healthcare quality in the public sector. When these challenges are coupled with ineffective leadership it becomes impossible to enact meaningful change to improve health outcomes.

A different type of leadership is needed to navigate complexities in the healthcare system.

We engender resilience in the workforce by catalysing a transformative leadership mindset shift among health professionals leading to a change in their overall work culture. A resilient workforce is able to improve health outcomes amidst consistent contextual difficulties, and to withstand major disruptions from natural disasters, epidemics, and other acute shocks.


In doing our work we are guided by the following values. We believe that –

People are our greatest asset

Healthcare workers own and are the solution to our health challenges


Is the key to unleashing the power of our health workforce

Innovation and continuous improvement

Is critical - it is always possible to do better with what we have

Deep government ownership

is essential - it ensures true partnership, accountability, and sustainable system change