Igniting a New Way of Thinking

Spark Health Africa is committed to health system strengthening through transformative leadership and work culture change in African Ministries of Health.

A different kind of leadership to navigate today’s complex healthcare challenges.

Spark Health Africa is a South African registered not-for-profit organisation with a unique approach to health system strengthening through transformative leadership development and a mindset shift.

We seek to build resilient health systems by changing the work culture of professionals in African Ministries of Health through interactive workshops and thought-partnership during on-the-job mentoring.

Our mission is to IGNITE the power of African public-sector health teams to INNOVATE and improve service delivery, inspiring a culture of ownership and accountability in order to positively IMPACT health systems for healthy and productive individuals, families and communities.

Our Approach

Spark Health Africa ignites a new way of thinking in healthcare workers through workshops, on the job mentoring, and thought partnership targeted at health management teams in Africa Ministries of Health and their implementing partner organizations.


We tailor learning to the unique context & needs of attendees to introduce culture change concepts & to teach management skills.

On-the-job mentoring

We mentor teams as they apply workshop skills to real-life problem-solving to build management competencies.

Thought partnership

We coach teams to embody leadership & culture change principles to become resilient change agents

Our Projects

Eastern Cape province, South Africa
Central region, Malawi
Bayelsa and Plateau states, Nigeria
Southern region, Malawi
Eastern Cape province, South Africa
Kwazulu-Natal province, South Africa
Turkana, Mombasa, and Homa Bay, Kenya
Matabeleland North province, Zimbabwe
Manicaland province, Zimbabwe
Select districts, Uganda
Platform Approach, Kenya
Platform Approach, South Africa

Our impact

Program Cohorts
Trained healthcare workers
Mentorship sessions
mentorship hours

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