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Teambuilding in Uganda: Transforming Workgroups through Alignment of Goals and Values


In Uganda, District Task Forces (DTFs) formed to manage COVID-19 faced execution challenges despite clear terms of reference and representation from multiple stakeholders. Issues included ineffective leadership, misaligned political and technical agendas, and lack of clear goals.


Spark Health Africa coached district health management teams and COVID-19 DTFs on alignment, focusing on transforming workgroups into cohesive teams. Key lessons from this initiative included:

1: Personal Meaning in Values:

  • Bushenyi District used root cause analysis to align team values with personal significance, fostering commitment to collective goals.

2: Transparency in Leadership:

  • Mityana District improved trust and cooperation by transparently disclosing the COVID-19 budget, encouraging a healthier work environment. 

3: Linking Tasks to Goals:

  • Teams unpacked data to understand problems, devise strategies, and link everyday tasks to overarching goals, ensuring clarity and measurable progress.

4: Alignment as a Journey:

  • Proactive leadership was essential, emphasizing that alignment is an ongoing process requiring patience and commitment for improved team performance and impact.


By aligning goals and values, DTFs in Uganda enhanced collaboration, built trust, and improved their ability to address health challenges effectively, leading to better coordinated and impactful responses to the pandemic.

Team-building in Uganda