Tendai Gotora

Tendai Gotora, Senior Systems Improvement Advisor (SSIA)

Tendai has 9 years’ experience in public health ranging from implementation science research, programme management, and statistical analysis. Having started his career in the field of risk management, insurance and actuarial science, Tendai combines the skills gained from his early corporate experience with his passion for public health data to derive new insights on how to unleash the power of data to improve the everyday lives of African communities.

Tendai’s current responsibility is to provide technical leadership, facilitation, participatory analysis, capacity building, technical assistance, mentoring and coaching in the design and implementation of Spark Health Africa’s Culture Change model. His role entails directly supervising Spark Health Africa’s in-country mentors to ensure technical excellence, within-budget and on-time delivery of leadership and team-based priorities of our partner governments. Tendai also leads crosscutting efforts to document work culture shifts related to Health Systems Strengthening and to disseminate stories of impact as appropriate at regional, national and sub-national level.

Tendai received his undergraduate Degree in Risk Management & Insurance from the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe in 2006. Tendai is a Demographer, having attained an MPhil. in Demography with the Centre for Actuarial Research (CARe) at the University of Cape Town in 2012, where he focused on classical methods for estimating maternal mortality in high-HIV/AIDS settings. This immersion in the shortcomings and underutilisation of population-level data by governments to inform public health issues led Tendai, in 2013, to join the Clinton Health Access Initiative in South Africa as an Access-to-medicines Analyst seconded to the National Department of Health. In the same year, Tendai transitioned to the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Zimbabwe to lead a three-year, WHO-funded implementation science research program focusing on piloting the lifelong protocol (Option B+) for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of  HIV in Zimbabwe.

In his private time, Tendai is an avid recreational golfer, and serves as a Committee Member at the Royal Harare Golf Club. Tendai is also affiliated with the Midland Black Rhino Conservancy, and enjoys travelling and photography.