Our Principles

By creating a culture of ownership over health results, helping teams discover innovative solutions to problems, and increasing their capacity to use data for better decision-making, we support Ministries of Health to build resilient health systems.

Partnership-Based Approach

We collaborate with Ministries of Health and their local NGO partners to build resilient health systems. Our agenda is strictly informed by government-identified priority health challenges and goals. We work with in-country implementing partners in order to leverage each other’s efforts and investments. Our partnership-based approach prioritizes regions’ and countries’ greatest health challenges in a sustainable way and ensures transformation is institutionalized over time.

Results-Driven Philosophy Informed by Data

We empower health teams to use data for informed and better decision-making. Health teams track and share their results using health indicator “dashboards” – creating greater accountability, promoting shared learning, and building a sense of ownership. Our emphasis on outcomes leads rapidly to positive changes in the capacity of health teams to work together to achieve better results.

Integration With Existing Health Systems

To ensure sustainability and country ownership, we build on, and work within, current African public health systems, rather than create parallel/duplicative partner-led change programs.

Team-Based Transformational Leadership

We seek to tap the power of teams to improve service delivery and build resilient health systems by mentoring teams so that they apply “a new way of thinking” to specific health problems in their work areas. We foster a sense of ownership and accountability, while inspiring health teams to act as change agents within their own health system.

Mentorship through thought-partnership

Our intensive, on-the-job mentoring strategies create a sense of oneness between our team and the health teams over a government-led health improvement agenda. We walk with our health teams through their journey of transformation, acting as a trustworthy, catalytic and reliable thought-partner.

Registered in South Africa, NPC: 2018/232739/08; NPO: 212-288
9 Portswood Road, Breakwater Campus, Green Point, 8005, Cape Town, South Africa

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