Implementation and Mentorship

Implementation and Mentorship

While the genesis of our health system transformation agenda starts with the didactic sessions, the fundamental shifts in the mental modes of the health workers are achieved through intensive, on-the-job mentoring. Using the Implementation Canvas as a reference point, our in-country resource – the Systems Improvement Advisor- supports health teams to integrate the Spark Health Africa philosophy of “a new way of thinking” into their daily lives by acting as a thought-partner in the crafting, cascading down and implementation of the vision for the work culture that each health team desires.

The Implementation Canvas serves as a

    1. structured approach to problem solving,
    2. documented and shared agenda around which teams can bring to bear the power of collective thought,
    3. reference point of the baseline performance of each team against which future performance can be compared, and
    4. basis for communicating widely the change agenda within the domain of each team, and
    5. and unifying accountability mechanism for consistent and systematic execution of the transformation agenda.

Using the Implementation Canvas and riding on existing platforms (consistent with the principle of asset-based thinking) Spark Health Africa and MOH jointly convene quarterly review meetings to assess progress, share best practices, and drive accountability.

Deliberate, structured, and regular reviews of performance, successes, and failures among the multidisciplinary teams has proved to accelerate learning and cross fertilisation of solutions to stubborn challenges, and allows health teams to leverage the strength of a common voice to advocate for resources and assistance to fulfill their needs in support of their identified solutions

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