Detailed Baseline Needs Assessment

Detailed Baseline Needs Assessment

While the key challenges of public health systems in Africa are largely similar, every country has its own context. As such, we take time to understand the key social determinants that lead to health outcomes and describe the human conditions under which health outcomes manifest. Spark Health Africa engages the stakeholders identified in the Strategic Alignment and Planning phase through; the review of national and sub-national MOH strategy documents, attendance at national and sub-national program planning and review meetings, program data analysis and in-person interviews. The outcome of this process is a deep understanding of the way health teams pursue their current responsibilities, and the barriers to, and facilitators for, effective teamwork.

We explore two perspectives during the detailed basement needs assessment:

  • Work culture: Here we focus on understanding the work culture of the health teams. This entails understanding the daily practices and behaviors of Health Workers in order to identify the motivators and facilitators to effective service delivery, as well as potential drivers of optimal behavior that create resilience in health systems,

  • Barriers to effective execution: We then invest time and effort in understanding the barriers to effective program execution. This process involves; exploring and determining the layers of operational inefficiencies in the health systems, identifying the complex stakeholder relationships that impede effective execution, identifying the key barriers to effective community engagement, exploring and determining causes of poor asset utilization, etc. which collectively impede effective and efficient program execution.

The overall outcome of the baseline needs assessment is the generation of insights that inform intervention strategies which Spark Health Africa uses to address emerging crosscutting team-based leadership and program-specific challenges.

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