Our Approach

Our key differentiator in health systems strengthening is the strong link that we make between people development (change in the mindset of health workers) and systems strengthening (change in how work gets done and how the system functions) to improve health outcomes.

People Development

focuses on building technical management competencies and catalysing a mindset shift towards transformative leadership principles and practices.

Systems strengthening

occurs when health care workers, by changing their overall work culture, develop together as teams and apply their management competencies and new way of thinking to solve real-world problems.

Our work combines teaching and real-world application through workshops, on-the-job mentoring, and thought partnership targeting African Ministries of Health sub-national (district/county) health management teams.

Interactive Workshops

We ignite the transformative leadership and culture change journey through interactive workshops. Each interactive, practical skills development-oriented workshop follows a curriculum that is tailored to the needs and context of the attendees, however, the core management skills include:

On-the-job mentoring

Through intense on-the-job mentoring we walk with health care management teams to transform management skills into competencies.

We mentor teams to collaborate on iteratively applying management skills to healthcare service delivery gaps, which in turn allows for lessons learned and insights gained to be synthesized into knowledge. Using new knowledge created, teams can approach the same problems with fresh eyes and expanded knowledge base, which in turn transforms their skills into competencies and new mindsets of what is possible in their context and available resources.

While the skills teach teams ‘what’ they need to do, competencies bridge the gap for ‘how’ to practically apply those skills to improve health outcomes within their specific context. As teams build competencies together the practices and behaviours within their sphere of influence change, resulting in a change in their overall work culture, or ‘how things are done’.

Thought partnership

We coach teams to adopt transformative leadership and culture change principles. Unlike skills and competencies, these principles are not simply learnt and applied, but embodied. They are a way of thinking and approaching work.

Thought partnership occurs during on-the-job mentoring sessions as we support teams to identify opportunities to apply these principles as part of their problem-solving. These principles engender resilience in healthcare workers, which in turn builds resilience into the overall healthcare system.

The core transformative leadership and culture change principles we endeavour to impart to teams are

Types of Programs

Transformative leadership and Culture change

 Our flagship program follows a Transformative Leadership and Culture Change model targeting healthcare management teams at the sub-national level (District/County).

The program includes:

  • Two interactive workshops – a 2-day senior leadership workshop, a 5-day health management team workshop followed by
  • Monthly team visits over 18 to 24 months for mentoring and thought partnership
  • Review meetings, ideally on a quarterly basis, which bring all teams together to drive accountability and accelerate learning and cross-fertilisation of ideas

Prior to the workshops we engage with national and subnational senior leadership for strategic alignment and planning. This includes identifying districts/counties that are fertile for culture change and establishing culture change teams. We also identify a clinical tracer program. The tracer program is used as our initial point of conversation with the teams for real-world problem-solving.

After the planning phase we conduct a rigorous baseline assessment to inform the development of the workshop curriculum. This includes analysis of the tracer program data, and a contextual analysis through a desk review, interviews, and observation during team meetings.

Strategic Initiatives

We also embark on Strategic Initiatives when the opportunity arises to ignite a new way of thinking in other spaces within public sector healthcare systems. After establishing a need, we engage with relevant stakeholders in government and partner organisations to co-create a solution with the highest potential to unlock value in the healthcare system and build resilience.

We invite Ministries of Health and NGOs, as well as any other entities interested in our approach to health systems strengthening to reach out to us to discuss potential areas for collaboration.