Alison Erlwanger

Alison Erlwanger


Alison has 7 years of experience in public health ranging from research and policy analysis, implementation, and technical advisory. She is especially passionate about the sexual and reproductive health of African women, and actively seeks out work that supports the equitable provision of quality healthcare services to communities in Africa.

As the CGD manager Alison communicates Spark Health Africa work and impact to different stakeholders including program participants, collaborators and funders. She is also in charge of raising funds through grants and donor outreach. Alison joined Spark Health Africa in 2017 as a Systems Improvement Advisor (SIA) leading our project in Manicaland, Zimbabwe.

Alison’s past experience in public health research has given her a keen understanding of the African healthcare landscape. As a Research Assistant at Massachusetts General Hospital she worked as part of an international multi-disciplinary team of researchers to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of HIV/AIDS interventions in South Africa and Botswana. Building on this experience she joined the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) as an Analyst working on a WHO-funded randomized controlled trial to evaluate point-of-care CD4 count testing for pregnant women in Zimbabwe. She also evaluated factors associated with low medication adherence in the cohort.  

Alison has leveraged her knowledge in public health to provide technical advisory services within the public sector. As an Associate at CHAI conducted policy analysis for the HIV prevention department in the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health, including target setting, costing, and implementation research to inform the roll-out of oral PrEP in the public sector. When she joined Spark Health Africa as SIA she provided mentorship and thought-partnership to improve data-used for decision-making at the provincial and district-level. 

Alison holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Holyoke College where she double-majored in Anthropology and Chemistry. She also has a Masters Degree in International Relations and a certificate in International Development Economic Analysis from the Fletcher School at Tufts University. She is a proud Rotarian, and enjoys gardening and cooking in her free time.